Give and Take Tables

Waldo County Bounty

Give and Take Tables

What:  Tables to allow for the free Give and Take of fresh local produce!

Where: In 12 Towns throughout the county in 2021 – Belfast, Brooks, Islesboro, Liberty, Lincolnville Beach, Monroe, Montville, Northport, Searsmont, Thorndike, Unity, and Waldo. Click here for a map of site locations.

When: All summer and into the fall! Individual sites have different hours of operation, although most operate 24/7. See specific site times below.

Who: Any person who cannot readily access fresh produce can take what they can use. And any gardener with extra produce can give to the table – just sign in what you are leaving. 

Why: To share the bounty!


More details about the Give and Take Tables

In an effort to get as much garden-grown food to folks who really need it, WCB has established Give and Take Tables across the county. Each table has a coordinator who manages the flow of produce and acts as a liaison to the WCB leadership team throughout the season.

These Give and Take Tables are places for gardeners to give any extra bounty, and for those who are in need of fresh produce to take home what they can use.

To GIVE, any gardener with an over abundance of produce can bring their extra bounty to the Give and Take Table nearest them. Anyone leaving fresh produce is asked to fill in the “Veggie Sign-In Sheet” with the type and quantity of the fruits and vegetables brought to the table so we can assess aspects of the project’s impact, and improve local food sharing into the future.

To TAKE, folks who cannot readily access fresh produce at this time are welcome to stop by any of these tables and take home what they can use for their households. No sign-up needed, but we may ask you to fill out a survey at the end of the season.

From week to week you may be a Giver or a Taker or both – we are just neighbors feeding neighbors fresh, nutritious food.

Gardeners with more than a table load of abundance to share are encouraged to email Hannah at Hannah can help you distribute it across multiple tables to help get more food to more folks!

Give and Take Tables sites:


Unitarian Universalist Church

137 Miller St.

Hours: Monday – Friday 12-6pm

Table Coordinator: David at or (207) 322-3054


Brooks Town Office

15 Purple Heart Highway

Hours: 7 days/week 

Table Coordinator: Lisa at


Islesboro Community Center

103 Pendleton Point Rd. 

Hours: During normal hours of operation

Table Coordinator: Trish/Sara


AMVET’s Hall

77 Main St.

Hours: 7 days/week 

Table Coordinator: Erica at and Hannah at and (207) 323-5612


Linconlville Beach Post Office

2512 Atlantic Highway 

Hours: 7 days/week

Table Coordinator: Vińa at and (207) 593-6337


Seek-No-Further Homestead

522 W Main St.

Hours: 7 days/week

Table Coordinator: Angela and Lisa at


Union Harvest Grange Hall

421 Center Rd.

Hours: 7 days/week

Table Coordinator: Hannah at


Northport Town Office

6 Beech Hill Rd.

Hours: 7 days/week

Table Coordinator: Mattie at and (207) 408-0496


Searsmont Community Center

37 Maine St. N South

Hours: 7 days/week 

Table Coordinator: Melissa at


Thorndike Town Office

125 Mt. View Rd.

Hours: 7 days/week

Table Coordinator: Michele at


Unity Barn Raisers Community Center (first floor)

32 School St

Hours: 7 days/week. Note, because the produce will be inside the building, please be sure that there is no dirt clinging to the produce and that it is brought in a box for display.

Table Coordinator: Aimee at and Chase at (207) 557-0881


UMaine Cooperative Extension

 992 Waterville Rd. 

Hours: 7 days/week

Table Coordinator: Vińa at (207) 593-6337


If you’ve used the tables, PLEASE tell us about your experiences here, so we can make this service more effective for your community!

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